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Howard Redekopp


The Reason / Drive Me Home
Drive Me Home
The Mocking Bird / No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Rich Hope / I See Trouble
I See Trouble
Margaret Cho / Cho Dependent
Cho Dependent - Intervention
A.C. Newman / The Slow Wonder
The Slow Wonder
The Thurston Revival / Somewhere There's An Angel
Somewhere There's An Angel
Fancey / Schmancey
54-40 / Casual Viewin'
Casual Viewin'
54-40 / Casual Viewin' USA
Casual Viewin' USA
54-40 / Love Rush
Love Rush
54-40 / Goodbye Flatland
Goodbye Flatland
Castle Project / Diaries of a Broken Heart
Diaries of a Broken Heart
Goldenboy / underneath the radio
underneath the radio
Bossanova / Bossanova
Bossanova / Hey. Sugar
Hey. Sugar
Lotus Child / Diet Gossip
Gossip Diet
Kinnie Starr / Anything
TV Heart Attack / TV Heart Attack
TV Heart Attack
The Organ / Grab That Gun
Grab That Gun
Swank / The Survival Issue
The Survival Issue
The Gay / You Know the Rules
You Know the Rules
Closed Caption Radio / Slang X Generator
Slang X Generator
Veal / tilt o' whirl
tilt o' whirl
N.Q. Arbuckle / Hanging The Battle-Scarred Pinata
Hanging The Battle-Scarred Pinata
Mise En Scene / Paris, Texas
Paris, Texas from Desire's Despair
Low Spin / Low Spin
Low Spin
Timothy Jaromir / Pacific Gold
Pacific Gold
No Sinner / All Is Bright
All Is Bright
Dear Rouge / I Heard I Had
I Heard I Had

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